End of Rains Ceremony 2011 at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage

Ajahn Vayama and Venerable Seri at End of Rains Ceremony 2011

Ajahn Vayama and Venerable Seri completed their first Vassa, Rains retreat, at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage this year. On Friday, 28th October 2011, we conducted a small End of Rains Ceremony in the afternoon to mark the completion of the Vassa.

Offering of robe material at End of Rains Ceremony 2011

We started the first End of Rains Ceremony with refuges and precepts. Jacky Lambert and Dinithi Caldera offered the robe material representing the community of supporters of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage.

The robe material beautifully wrapped by Ming

Venerable Seri led the chanting of Paritta, Protective Blessings, to all our supporters and to all beings. As it was Ajahn Vayama’s birthday, we also chanted a special blessing for her. After that Venerable  Seri led a metta meditation. At the end of the meditation we directed our metta and good wishes to Ajahn Vayama for her health, peace and for the attainment of Nibbana!

We finished the afternoon with a celebration of Ajahn Vayama’s birthday.

By Venerable Bhikkhuni Seri

Everyone chanted Paritta at the End of Rains Ceremony 2011

At the End of Rains Ceremony inside the Sala of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage

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