Ajahn Vayama’s Birthday Celebration 2011

Ajahn Vayama's birthday celebration 28th October 2011

We celebrated Ajahn Vayama’s 60th birthday ( according to Chinese Calendar ) on 28th October 2011. We dedicated the merit of  chanting of Paritta and metta meditation at the End of Rains Ceremony to Ajahn Vayama for her health and for the attainment of Nibbana.

Lots of smiles and laughter at Ajahn Vayama's birthday celebration

We got together after the End of Rains Ceremony for afternoon tea to celebrate Ajahn Vayama’s birthday. The afternoon tea was filled with ballons, presents, sweets and various afternoon allowables. The birthday cheers were led by Peace and Billy. In all our hearts, we would like to cheer Ajahn Vayama on, “go, go, go, Ajahn”, “go for the attainment of Nibbana, Ajahn!” All of us are very grateful to Ajahn Vayama for her teachings, guidance and leadership in the practice of Dhamma.

Ajahn Vayama and the birthday cake that was filled with afternoon allowables

Happy Birthday Ajahn Vayama!

By Venerable Bhikkhuni Seri

Colourful ballons, birthday cake, sweets and afternoon allowables at Ajahn Vayama birthday celebration

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