An Auspicious Weekend In October – Foreword

by Bhikkhuni Seri

The peaceful Buddha on the ‘Auspicious Weekend In October’ in 2012 at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. Photo by Zor.

All of us at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage celebrated Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni’s 60th birthday with ‘An Auspicious Weekend’ of Paritta Chanting on Saturday night, 27th October, Offering of Robe Material Ceremony and the Metta Birthday Celebrations on Sunday, 28th October 2012.

Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni on her 60th birthday celebration at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. Photo by Zor.


The setting up squad and Billy, the assistant superintendent on Friday, 26th October. Photo by Ming.

We appreciated the help from all our volunteers, from the members of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage Incorporated; to our team of parking inspectors, decoration specialists, lighting engineers, catering masters, photographers and the garbage manager. Without every single one of your efforts, there would be no celebrations.


The parking inspectors at work on Sunday, 28th October 2012. Photo by Zor.

Catering masters prepared the drink table on Sunday, 28th October 2012.  Photo by Ming.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thank you to all of you who participated in the ‘An auspicious weekend in October’. Your attendance made the celebrations a more complete event. We especially would like to extend our appreciation to Ayya Vayama’s cousin, Karina, and Karina’s mother and Ayya Vayama’s Aunty Shirley who flew from Sydney for the birthday celebration. Your presence delighted Ayya Vayama and all of us at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. We also would like to mention our special guest, Dr Ping Wang, Ayya Vayama’s Chinese medicine doctor who delayed her holiday to attend the birthday celebration. 

The final preparation on Sunday morning, 28th October 2012 at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. Photo by Ming.

Most of all, with our gratitude and respect to AYYA VAYAMA BHIKKHUNI for being here, for giving us the opportunity to come together to celebrate your SIXTIETH BIRTHDAY. May you have well being and peace, may you attain your goal, Nibbana in this very life.


Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni, Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni, Aunty Shirley and cousin Karina at the 60th Birthday Celebration at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage on 28th October 2012. Photo by Ming.

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