Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri

Dear friends,

I would like to inform you that Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri passed away peacefully on Saturday 20th November at 4.25pm.

I will let you know regarding funeral arrangements after it has been finalised. Please do not contact me at the moment.

Thank you.


Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni Theri

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Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri’s funeral service

Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri (Sister Vayama) passed away peacefully at home at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage, Jane Brook, Western Australia on Saturday 20 November 2021.

Funeral service and cremation service on Saturday 27 November 2021

Her funeral service will be at the Bowra and O’Dea Chapel, 312 South St, Hilton, commencing at 8.30am AWST (viewing at 8.00am).

The cremation service will be at Fremantle Cemetery, Carrington St, Palmyra at 10.00am. Please assemble at the Carrington Pavilion from 9.45am.

Parking is limited, please carpool where possible.

The funeral for Ayya Vayama will be available by Livestream broadcast for friends and supporters elsewhere who are unable to attend in person.

Livestream https://livestream.com/accounts/29307044/events/9952649

Please note there are no logins or passwords required. Just click on the link and when the filming goes ‘LIVE’, the livestream link will automatically go live. A video recording will be made available for later viewing.

Please note:

In lieu of flowers, consider making a donation to Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage Inc, Bankwest account. BSB: 306 041 Account: 1013896

(For donations from outside Australia, please use Swift Code: BKWAAU6P)

Reflections: Ayya Seri is inviting anyone who would like to send her a few words of appreciation for Ayya Vayama, or to say how Ayya Vayama has touched their life. Ayya Seri will share these reflections on the Patacara blog.

Please send these by email: patacarabhikkhunihermitage@gmail.com


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The End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2021

Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage held the End of Rains Cloth Offerings ceremony on Saturday 23rd October 2021. About 38 people participated in the event.

This year Manel and Eddy Fernando offered the End of Rains Cloth to the bhikkhunis of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage on behalf the the Buddhist community.

We celebrated Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri’s 69th birthday after the ceremony.

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Entry into Rains Ceremony 25th July 2021

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by Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni Theri

The Buddha talked about the three characteristics of all phenomena, impermanence (anicca), non-self(anatta) and sufferings(dukkha). We experienced just that in the recent events.

There are four residents at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage: Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri who is sick and disable, Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni Seri, 77 year old Jacky and Subha the cat.

Life during covid-19 pandemic goes on as usual until Sunday 31st January 2021. Perth entered a 5 day snap hard lockdown at 6pm. Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni requires special diet because of her swallowing problems. I had to rearrange the dana for dana drop-off only as there is no visitors allowed into the house except essential workers. We also did not have any volunteers except support workers during the lockdown period. This means the pressure is on for the resident carer, Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni.

The bush fires in the area started on Monday around 12pm. We had been regularly monitored the fire situation since 4.30pm. By the time I went to take a rest at 1am on Tuesday morning, the bush fires’ situation has worsen. I was woken at 3.40am as the support worker needed to leave because her family was evacuated. The Hermitage was 8 km away from the bush fires’ emergency evacuation zone. I decided to leave early as last minute evacuation will be too challenging for us with Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni’s disability. I called the supporter and the maxi taxi and we left the Hermitage just before 5am with hoist and Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni in her wheelchair.

The bush fires’ situations had improved at the Hermitage on Wednesday 3rd February as the wind change took the fire away from direction of the Hermitage. We returned at 1.30pm that afternoon. We remain on alert with the changing bush fires situation. However, the bush fires continues to cause heartache and chaos in the community. At the same time the lockdown continues.

Our hearts go to the community members who suffer difficulties and losses. Our respect goes to all the firefighters and the emergency services. Our lovingkindness and good wishes goes to all beings especially to all those affected by the recent challenges.

May all beings be safe and at peace.

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The End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2020

Photos by Havindra and Sahan.

The End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2020 at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage was conducted on Sunday, 25th October. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and the practice of social distancing, only 38 people were invited to attend the event.

The committee members of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage Incorporated, which was formed in 2011 offered the the robe cloth to the Bhikkhunis at Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. The committee led by the current chairperson, Chrissie Anderson, consist of Jacky Lambert, Jo Bower, Karen Sprigg, Peace Weeks, and Ming Cassim.

At the end of the ceremony, we also celebrated Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni’s 68th birthday.

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Preparation for the End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2020

Preparations and cleaning on Saturday 24th October. Photos by Havindra

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Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni : 35 Years As A Nun 2020

Written by Chrissie Anderson

On the 17th of March this week it was an auspicious occassion for our dear Ajahn Vayama as this was the date she ordained as a Buddhist Nun in Sri Lanka 35 years ago. Previously to ordaining  Ajahn Vayama worked as a Social Worker and set up the first Womens’ Refuge in Sydney.

The Buddhist Society of W.A. was very grateful when she accepted our invitation to start from scratch the first Theravada Forest Nuns’ Monastery on 600 acres of bush in Gidgegannup in the year 1997. The monastery was named Dhammasara.
For the first 2 years Ajahn lived in a donated small caravan in a secluded bush setting. Ron Battersby and Bianca Di Bua dug her a pit toilet . Ajahn Vayama received dana firstly in a little tent then a tin shed we supporters built. I recall many days during the first 2 summers when it was 48 ‘c in her little caravan and the same outside. Not a word of complaint. No showers. No electricity. A kind female supporter soon offered to drive her to her house in the Swan Valley for a hot shower and the use of a washing machine once a week.
It was a long, slow, process but the first Nuns’ Cottage was built from our own rammed earth gravel. Then began the process of the very strict training of suitable women who showed interest in ordaining. Whilst training the first women who ordained, Ajahn also gave regular teachings at The Buddhist Society of WA.  She also led beautiful retreats.
She also coordinated cool burns in 10 acre lots with the local fire brigade in the Spring.
It was a time of  continuous serving with little time alone.
Sadly Ajahn Vayama’s health deteriorated  10 years ago and she was diagnosed with a very serious disease, Multiple System Atrophy, which she knew would require full time nursing care. Her disciple, Ayya Seri, very very generously offered to look after Ajahn Vayama. This has been a 10 year selfless time of devotion for Ayya Seri caring for Ajahn Vayama 24/7.
Ajahn Vayama and Ayya Seri are currently living in a kind layperson’s quiet home. This Hermitage is a very beautiful peaceful setting in which to practice.
Sahdu to Ajahn Vayama and Ayya Seri on  living an impeccable holy life.
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The End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2019

The End of Rains Cloth Offering Ceremony 2019 was conducted on Sunday 27th October. Over 40 people participated in the event. Manel Meegahege offered the End of Rains Cloth to the Bhikkhunis of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage. Both Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni Theri and Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni Theri completed their 10th Rains as Bhikkhunis

We also celebrated Ayya Vayama Bhikkhuni’s birthday at the end of the ceremony.




















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Celebrating 10th Bhikkhuni Ordination Anniversary

On 22nd October 2019, about 40 invited members of Patacara Bhikkhuni Hermitage attended a small gathering to celebrate the 10th Bhikkhuni Ordination Anniversary of Ayya Vayama  Bhikkhuni Theri and Ayya Seri Bhikkhuni Theri.

We started the evening with the paying Homage to the Buddha , Dhamma and Sangha followed by the offering of precepts. We then chanted the Paritta, and Jaya Paritta, and then meditated together before we share merits with all the Bhikkhus , Bhikkhunis and the lay men and women who supported us and made the ordination and living the life of a Bhikkhuni possible.

May all beings have the support that you need in your life.







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